Giant Maple


Hand carved wood burl bowl

Material: Maple Burl

Finish: Danish oil (not food safe)

Ships: U.S. only

In stock



This is one of the largest and most remarkable burls I have ever worked on. It was found on the East branch of the Swift River in Roxbury Maine.  The original weight was over 100 pounds. When I find treasures like this one I will wait, look at and ponder for as long as it takes, in this case over 10 years, let them season, before I attempt to carve them out. This is a treasure, and will demand attention wherever it is displayed,  a real sense of awe with this piece. Congratulations to the owner!


Overall height 13 ½’”

Length: 21”

Width: 15”

Bowl depth: 3” TO 11”

Weight: 20LBS


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