Silver Maple


Height: 12 ”
Diameter: Round between 16” and 18”
Bowl depth: 5” to 10”
Weight: 16 pounds

Hand carved wooden burl bowl
Material:  Silver Maple
Finish: linseed/Dutch oil. (Not food safe)

Ships U.S. only



This large burl was cut from a Silver Maple which was located on a private property in Southern Maine, the tree was in danger of falling with many targets underneath it. Silvers grow remarkably fast and big, this tree was about  70 years old. This is a large bowl with great variation in coloring, it is heavy and tall, a centerpiece for a boardroom or large dining room table.

Price:  $500.00

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 18 x 12.0 in