The Oyster



Height: 10 ½”

Diameter: Oblong 27” x 21”

Bowl depth: 6” average

Weight: 17.4 pounds


Hand carved wooden burl bowl

Material:  Yellow Birch

Finish: linseed/Dutch oil. (Not food safe)

Ships U.S. only

Price:  $1500.00



This giant was cut from an enormous Yellow Birch tree which was harvested as part of a forestry project on the U.S. / Canadian border, I was able to harvest 3 large pieces from the burl, the whole burl weighed in excess of 500 pounds, this piece alone weighed over 80 lbs when I started working on it. This is a very large piece with remarkable spalting throughout, a centerpiece for a boardroom or large dining room table.


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Additional information

Weight 17.4 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 21 x 10.5 in